Crystal Healing


Each session begins with a tarot reading to tap into the root cause of the issue.  Once we gain clarity into the subconscious I will then figure the best timing for your healing to take place.  On our next visit I will address your chakras to balance, align, and make sure all the energy centers are flowing nicely.  We will work with your intention while utilizing the sacred geometry crystal grid.  This harnesses the life giving energy of the cosmos directly into your intention and moves it into a tangible reality.  In closing our session you will be given an amulet/talisman to continue your healing as you go forward.

* The essence of crystal healing is to bring the healing energies of the universe into your mind, body, and spirit. Crystal Healing brings you in alignment with the universal life force, the energy of the OM, and transmits this energy into you, as an offering to heal yourself.