Code of Ethics

The Tarot is a beautiful tool that can be used to empower us as individuals, connecting us with our higher purpose, and understanding ourselves on a very deep level.  I am committed to providing each of my clients with a safe and sacred space to explore the infinite realms of knowledge in trust and security.  As a professional and ethical Tarot reader, my code of ethics are as follows:

  • Before doing a reading, I will be clear about what Tarot is and is not, and how this relates to your expectations.
  • I will honestly represent myself, my certifications, skills, and talents.
  • I commit to always being truthful and compassionate in my readings.
  • Because of the serious and personal nature of a Tarot reading, I will not read for anyone under the age of 18 unless accompanied by an adult.
  • This is a space that is welcome to persons of all religions, denominations, ethnicities, sex, and sexual preference.  We are all One to the Great Spirit.
  • I commit to keeping my own body and mind in a "clean state" to be a conduit of lighter energies that can connect with the Divine.
  • I am not a fate-based Tarot reader and decline to read on taboo subjects. (lottery numbers, when will i die, etc...)
  • I decline to read on health or legal matters and will refer you to the proper professionals in this case.
  • Occasionally I may ask to rephrase a question to approach the reading from a place of empowerment, rather than fate-based. My goal is for you to leave the session feeling enlightened and empowered.
  • I commit to providing each of my clients with a safe space for healing and reflection.
  • Ultimately, we are all responsible for our own decisions.  Any decisions you make or actions you take after a reading is of your own accord.
  • You have the right to end the reading at any time and without prior consent, however you will not be refunded.
  • Clients that want multiple readings on the same subject hoping for a different outcome will politely be referred to someone else and the reading will be brought to a close.
  • Clients who appear to be in an unhealthy mental state prior to a reading will either be rescheduled or referred to someone else.
  • All readings and client information is kept 100% confidential and stored privately & securely. 
  • Matters discussed during a reading are confidential unless there is an immediate danger of causing harm to yourself or others, at which time the proper authorities will be notified.
  • I decline to read on matters that are against the law or of maleficent nature.
  • I reserve the right to end a reading at any time and without refund if a client is not adhering to my code of ethics.